James Chung, President of Reach Advisors


James Chung is President of Reach Advisors, a strategy, research and predictive analytics firm. The firm works with organizations making strategy and capital expenditure bets to outperform their market as the future unfolds differently than their industry has seen up to this point. 
Given that focus, the work clusters in industries making major long-term bets, including large-scale real estate development, REITs, economic development, tourism and resorts, museums and cultural institutions, and the healthy living category.
The firm is recognized as one of the only advisors serving the real estate industry that was warning clients in 2005 to exit the market, and giving clients notice back in 2003 of the need to accelerate and exit within five years. In the post-recession era, the firm continues to help clients across industries make better calls on when and how to enter, expand or exit markets. The firm’s work often focuses on identifying the unseen spots where demand-curve growth will still exceed supply-curve growth…when anything obvious will be oversupplied in today’s era of capital superabundance.
James also runs Reach Advisors Ventures, incubating and investing in new ventures derived from the intellectual capital of Reach Advisors. He also serves as chairman of a data science venture launching in 2016 that applies machine learning to extract future trends from large-scale public data sets.
James has spent his career at the forefront of some of the most cutting-edge advancements at the intersection of analytics and strategy. James was one of the pioneers in data warehousing analytics in the early 1990s, internet-enabled consumer engagement programs in the mid 1990s, and he built an internet-enabled targeted media and research firm that was acquired in 2001.
James serves as a keynote speaker at leading industry conferences, and as a recurring source or analyst for media organizations such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, among many others across the globe.

James earned his AB and MBA degrees from Harvard University, and serves on the Harvard Alumni Association board of directors. He resides with his family in northern New York and Boston.